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  1. The Reverend Robert Wright Lee is an author, activist, commentator, and preacher. A nephew generations removed of General Robert E. Lee, Rob been featured on many outlets including ABC’s the View, the Huffington Post, and NPR.
  2. His name is Rev. Doctor Lee [Singing:] Rev. Lee, he went to the water, and he prayed to the lord about ol satan's daughter. It seems in a dream, child, while he lay sleeping, she climbed in his bed, starts rubbing and weeping. Oh she was twisting and turning, she was beggin and pleading, loving burning, panting and breathing, Rev. Lee she said.
  3. Reverend William Mack Lee Calvary Cemetery Row 6, Grave 15, Section 14 (no tombstone) (June 12th, – November 13th, ) William Mack Lee was born a slave at Stratford Hall Plantation, in Westmorland County, Virginia, on June 12th,
  4. Reverend Fred Roland Lee, 94, passed away on Monday, July 27, Preacher Lee was born in Bartow County, GA, on October 3, , to the late Raymond L. Lee Sr. and Linda Dorsey Lee. Brother Lee loved his Lord and Savior. He also served in the United States Navy during World War II, joining the navy in
  5. The Rev. George Lee, a black minister who also ran a local grocery store and printing press, had no illusions that it would come in his lifetime or that it would come without a struggle. But Lee knew where the change would have to begin: at the ballot box.
  6. Sep 05,  · Lee, who was pastor at Bethany United Church of Christ in Winston-Salem, has long supported removing monuments to the Confederacy and had already drawn attention for his lineage and for his stand.
  7. Reverend lee, he went to the water, and he prayed to the lord About old satan's daughter, it seems in a dream, child, while he lay sleeping She climbed in his bed, starts rubbing and weeping, ah, she was twisting and turning, hmm She was begging and pleading, loving and burning, panting, breathing, ooh, ah, ah Reverend lee, she said, lord knows.
  8. The Reverend Robert Wright Lee, IV is an author, activist, commentator, professor, and preacher. Lee is a native of Statesville, North Carolina and graduate of Duke University Divinity School in Durham, North Carolina.
  9. Jun 03,  · Official Statement from the Rev. Robert W. Lee on the announced removal of the Richmond Robert E. Lee statue: I have cried tears of joy today upon the announcement of the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond--indeed the Capital of the former Confederacy.

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